Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good Quality Hair Extensions

Japan imported Clip-in-Hair Extension!!
Create chic and funky style!!

Mix of both Real Hair & Synthetic Hair
Guarantee good quality, soft, natural, manageable, no tangle!!

Width:10cm; Length: 70cm
Straight hair
Curl hair
Colours to choose frm: black/ dark brown/ light brown

RM39.90 per piece

black color

dark brown color

light brown color

Compare this japan imported hair extension and others hair extension in the market:

Japan imported hair extension: soft, manageable, natural, no tangle and more volume.

Hair extension in the market: coarse hair, messy, tangle, thin texture.

How to wear hair extension:

Curl or straighten hair extension:

Can style with hot styling tool to curl or straighten to suit ur style.
Use of hot styling tool not more than 160 degrees
Advice not dye or perm them, doing such will cause the hair to dry or damage.
General washing and maintenance instructions for synthetic hair products :
1.Detangle hair from ends to roots.
2. Wash in cool to lukewarm water, mild shampoo. No hot water - damage the fibers.
3 Follow with conditioner. Rinse thoroughly in cool water.
4 Pat dry with towel and let the hair air dry completely. Not brush or comb when wet.
5 Styling is a snap since curly and wavy hair will curl back into position once completely dried. Style only when the hair is completely dry.
Before wear:

After wear:


Sherry said...

wow.. so nice the hair :) hehe..

Squirrelicious said...

Thanks dear! :)