Thursday, September 30, 2010

Skindoctors - SD White

SD White
from Skindoctors Cosmeceuticals
Condition: Brand new sealed in box.
Status: Available
Price: RM40

A breakthrough and naturally-derived alternative that dramatically improves the appearance of skin to help you achieve a clear, bright porcelain complexion.

Sun exposure and skin ageing can cause an uneven production of melanin in the skin that can result in the appearance of freckles, sunspots, age spots, pigmentation or an overall darker skin tone. SD White contains an optimum dose of Emblica a plant extract scientifically proven to dramatically improve the appearance of darker skin pigmentation.

The result is even toned, brighter looking skin, visible reduction in pigmentation, freckles, age-spots and surface blemishes. SD White also helps with the appearance of skin firmness and moisturisation and has anti-oxidant properties to help fight the visible signs of ageing.

Skin concern: Pigmentation, UV Damage
Category: Whitening
Body Area: Neck, Decollete

Active Ingredients:
Phyllanthus emblica - Also known as Emblica or Indian Gooseberry, this plant is native to tropical Southeast Asia. It is a skin-lightening, pigment-reducing agent, giving skin a bright and even colour. Emblica is also a potent anti-oxidant, eliminating free radical damage to the skin, helping to achieve a youthful appearance.

Lactic Acid - A type of Alpha Hydroxy Acid which is a naturally occurring component of the skin’s moisturizing factor. It has been shown to increase the water-holding ability of the corneum layer of the skin, allowing for an improvement in fine lines.

Direction for use:
After cleansing, gently massage a small amount evenly all over your face and neck. Follow with daily or nightly moisturiser.

For best results use twice daily, morning and evening.

Product FAQ:
What is the active ingredient in SD White?
SD White contains the breakthrough ingredient Emblica, a patented extract of a plant native to tropical Southeast Asia.

How long does it take for SD White to work?
Results vary. Mild or new pigmentation can take as little as 2 weeks for an improvement. Scientific investigation showed a dramatic improvement in hyper pigmentation and an overall brightening of the skin after 9 weeks of treatment.

Is SD White as effective as chemical skin lighteners?
The active ingredient in SD White might be natural, but it is still a powerful solution. The ingredient was even tested head to head with medical strength hydroquinone. After a 9 week period, Emblica was shown to have the same skin brightening effect as Hydroquinine on both Hispanic and the Asian volunteers but without the harsh side effects associated with such skin lightening chemicals.

Source from: Skin Doctors

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